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Friday, June 17, 2011

In Boston for STEM Symposium

Attending the National Coalition of Girls' Schools STEM Symposium. I will be serving on a panel on Tuesday entitled, SPARK GIRLS’ INTEREST IN STEM BY BRINGING REAL WORLD APPLICATIONS INTO THE CLASSROOM, where I will be sharing several SGS signature experiences that bring the "real world" into our classrooms. Among the highlighted programs:

The 5th Grade Salish Seas Expedition -
6th Grade “Grand Rounds” portion of "I Am More Than the Sum of My Parts" -
The recent 7th Grade "Future SGS" Project
The 8th Grade Mission -

The coalition celebrates 20 years of work on behalf of girls and girls' schools across the world. I will blog Monday and Tuesday with some impressions. Attend the symposium virtually at:

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  1. Have fun! I am so proud of these girls (especially those Salish Seas stars ;-0)