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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Women's Votes, Women's Voices

Our SGS mission of empowering courageous female leaders would have been unthinkable 100 years ago. Today, MOHAI - site of the recent SGS Graduation - will unveil the exhibit, Women's Votes, Women's Voices.

Description from MOHAI:
Less than 100 years ago, women weren’t allowed to vote, but were required to pay taxes and abide by laws their male counterparts voted into place. Women from all economic and ethnic groups banded together to persuade the men of Washington to give them the right to vote. Find out how women in Washington state campaigned for women’s suffrage in Women’s Votes, Women’s Voices. This exhibition, created by the Washington State History Museum, is the state’s lead activity celebrating the centennial anniversary of women obtaining the right to vote in Washington.


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